Pinot Noir | The long noble journey of the "Black Pine Cone" grape

Did you know?

  • Gallic tribes were drinking wine made from the native, wild pinot noir grape, stored in wooden casks.
  • Mostly grown in Burgundy Pinot Noir became coveted by Romans for over 300 years.
  • 1395 Became Burgundy’s flagship grape and got planted widely over Gamay.
  • Benedictine monks came to the conclusion that  “Not all vineyards were created equal”

The essence of Pinot Noir wine is its aroma of strawberry and cherry (fresh red cherries in lighter wines and stewed black cherries in weightier examples), underpinned in the most complex examples by hints of undergrowth (forest floor). Well-built Pinot Noirs, particularly from warmer harvests, also exhibit notes of leather and violets, sometimes approaching the flavor spectrum of Syrah.

There is a lot tohistoryPinotNoir say about this fantastic noble grape and the way winemakers, from different corners of the world, are helping this variety's "true" expression to come alive.

Join us on this amazing 2 1/2 hour adventure to explore and taste how Terroir makes the primary aroma of Pinot Noir so particular, and how our food pairing can do great justice to this gift of mother nature.

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