Nothing can bring people together more than good food!

Get your corporate group out of the office and interacting in one of our team-building workshops.

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Build For Success

Hands-on instructional teamwork

Learn, adapt, collaborate, create

This interactive hands-on corporate event is perfect for:

  • Providing team members the opportunity to collaborate and build something together.
  • Understanding and appreciating different personality profiles and their strengths.
  • Teams to apply newly learned strategies and information to reach a common goal outside their areas of expertise.
  • Bringing new team members together in a problem solving environment.

Participants learn techniques, through chef demonstration, of key methods needed to successfully create their dishes. They then use the information, along with a wide selection of ingredients, to create the perfect, balanced plate. With lots of room for creative expression and personal taste, participants will feel a great sense of achievement and personal success in creating something that is truly an expression of themselves and their team members.

Intro To Team-Building

Fun, interactive, hands-on event

A full meal created and enjoyed together

This interactive, hands-on corporate event is perfect for:

  • Integrating changes and/or new members into an existing team.
  • Newly formed or restructured groups that need to come together to increase and improve communication.
  • Teams that are integrating and implementing changes, and need to build (rebuild) relationships for improved communication and productivity.
  • Groups that are in the middle of lengthy training/education programs and are all in need of an interesting, yet productive, distraction in order to be more focused for the next session/day.
  • A team leader that needs a unique group activity to use as a platform to introduce a new concept or objective to their team.

Connecting through the creation of a meal, then sharing in its enjoyment, is the foundation of relationships in all cultures all over the world.  This universal platform is an ideal launching pad for any corporation to build more effective communication amongst employees. Our chefs are engaging, entertaining, and extremely knowledgeable. Participants of all levels of cooking skills will feel like active, successful contributors to an amazing meal. The setting is casual and inviting, where all details of the event are carefully attended to by Cuisine et Château staff. Our menus always focus on quality over quantity.  All Cuisine et Château events, menus and schedules are customized to the specific needs of each of our clients.

In addition to all components of the meal itself, Cuisine et Château provides all of the following:

  • Recipe booklets and instructional handouts
  • Aprons for all participants to use
  • All equipment and tools
  • All food and ingredients
  • 2 chefs plus 1 serving staff

What Do You Taste?

A casual, yet elegant event

A full meal with informative tastings (no hands-on component)

This format of a unique corporate event is perfect for:

  • After a productive day of brainstorming, change implementation, or intensive employee development
  • A group that is already cohesive and with good communication well established, who wants an experience that is relaxing, yet completely unique.
  • A client appreciation event where guests may not know each other and levels of interest in a hands-on session are difficult to gauge.

This event is a complete escape from the everyday, with food and flavour drowning out the background noise of our daily lives. Throughout the meal and its four courses, the guests are introduced to a specific ingredient and then have the opportunity to sample several varieties of that item. It is a simple, innovative way for everyone to clear their minds and listen to their palates. The setting is casual yet elegant, where all details of the event are carefully attended to by Cuisine et Château staff. Our menus always focus on quality over quantity. All Cuisine et Chateâu events, menus and schedules are customized to the specific needs of each of our clients.


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