Grilled Prosciutto wrapped asparagus with goat cheese

12 asparagus, briefly blanched (10 seconds) in salted boiling water, refresh and drained
12 Prosciutto slices
3-4 tbsp. fresh goat cheese
As needed:  fresh crushed black pepper

 1.     On a cutting board, place the Prosciutto slices facing you horizontally.

2.     Spread a dollop of fresh goat cheese on each Prosciutto slice and season with freshly ground black pepper.

3. Centre an asparagus on the bottom right corner of the Prosciutto slice on a slight angle so the tip is facing 8 o’clock and the butt is at 2 o’clock.

3.     Grab the bottom right corner of the Prosciutto and wrap the asparagus all the way. You should pretty much only have the tip and butt of the asparagus showing.

4.     Brush the wrap with a little (lemon) olive oil.

5.     Grill the bundles on a hot seasoned grill.

6.     Serve with a wine such as Garganega, a Sancerre, a Pinot gris or a Cabernet Franc.