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1024px-Lamonzie-Montastruc_château_Montastruc_(1)Périgord tours with Cuisine et Chateau offer markets by day and Bergerac “Knights”

Article published in Avenue Magazine Online - Feb. 2016

Take the trip of a lifetime to the rolling Périgord region of France, which vintners, farmers and craftsmen have called home for centuries. Here, Calgary culinary centre Cuisine et Château hosts the purest food experiences France has to offer under the expert guidance of Marnie Fudge and Thierry Meret, food devotees, chefs, instructors and caring guides.

Cuisine et Château offers an all-inclusive seven-day luxury tour of southwestern France and its incredible world of food, wine and culture — where you’ll learn cooking skills that will last a lifetime. Spend time exploring markets famous for foie gras, walnuts, truffles and goat cheese, and learn how to make pastries, prepare fish and make duck confit in hands-on cooking classes. Impress friends at home with your new cheese making knowledge learned at an authentic French fromagerie. Hike, bike, relax by the pool or simply enjoy the sanctuary of the estate. The experience is yours to create.

No tour of France would be complete without a celebration of wine. Tour the Bergerac wine region and discover its five main varietals. Meet winemaker David Fourtout's amazing team and taste some of the best wines his ninth-generation winery has to offer. Develop your sense of taste and depth of understanding and return home with a new love for the flavours of this one-of-a-kind region.

Go “pourpre” in 2017

The 2016 tour dates coincide with the Périgord “pourpre,” which is French for purple. Why is this part of the Périgord so purple? The wine, of course! The area produces outstanding and undervalued wines. Here, the knights of Bergerac, known as “Chevaliers,” defend their winemaking tradition dressed in purple robes and wearing the symbolic medallion of their lifelong commitment to the terroir. This “Brotherhood of The Golden Grape” gathers to celebrate its historic craft, sometimes recognizing individuals responsible for elevating global appreciation for this wine region. Last June, Marnie Fudge of Cuisine et Château became a Knight of the Brotherhood, united with all those who promise to promote the nectar of the “Périgord Pourpre.” Who better to guide you on this palate-pleasing adventure?

Périgord 2017 tour dates

May 28th to June 03rd (register now!)

June 4th to June 10th  (Sold out!)

June 11th to June 17th  (Sold out!)

For a private consultation with the chefs/guides of the tour, call Cuisine et Chateau’s Interactive Culinary Centre to make arrangements.

Package price includes airport transfers, accommodations, meals, daily cooking classes, wine, tours, tastings and (of course) your bicycle rental.

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