Cabécou Cheese

Cabecou cheese So we don’t want to brag, or put salt in a wound or anything, but one of the simplest, purest ways to describe Périgord, France in the summer is by describing the cheese. Périgord has its own signature cheese, as do many regions of France, called Cabécou.

This famous little goat cheese, with a soft bloomy rind, and creamy smooth centre, a diameter of no more than 40 millimetres and a weight of 35 grams, is totally irresistible. With a large salad, a piece of toasted baguette with warm Cabécou on top, and a glass of rosé, the ambiance of the Périgord is palpable. When you bite into the toast, the delicate rind breaks and warm cheese tends to gently fall all over your salad... never a bad thing. It is not a cheese that is easy to find here in Canada, and is seasonally available at best. At our new interactive culinary centre, we will have afternoon cheese tasting classes once a month, as we attempt to bring you as close to this experience as possible.

These tasting classes will help you understand the characteristics of different cheeses, how they age, where they can be purchased, and how to pair them with wines. What a great way to spend the afternoon! Our registration for these and all of our other classes will be available online in just 2 weeks.