Calgary Cooking Classes

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Whether amateur or professional, food enthusiasts of all sorts will find our wide array of classes have something for everyone. We keep our classes small so be sure to register early.

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Please let us know 48 hours in advance of your class of any dietary restrictions or allergies. Contact us at

Please note that culinary instructors listed in our classes may change without notice
due to unforeseen circumstances. 

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Upcoming featured event

Wine! Wine! And food!

Join us for this fun and interactive wine and food pairing series and get more from each glass!

The battle of the Andes : Saturday August 26 – 1-3:30pm


This is an interactive series of wine tasting and food pairing where a sensory aroma analyses
is done for each wine (before the actual tasting), using our very special aromas kit
representing the main 54 aromas found in wines. 

Few words from our wine lovers



Class and Special Event Formats

Our state-of-the-art interactive culinary centre is designed to serve as an ideal learning environment for hands-on classes, hands-off classes, tasting events and even themed educational dinners. Our instructors are professional chefs who enjoy sharing their passion and enthusiasm for great food.

HandsOffClassHands-on Classes

Our Hands-on classes are a great way to learn, cook, interact and play with your food!
Based on the class you’ll pick, you will be guided through every step of either making your own three-course dinner, or focusing on a product, a technique or a cooking fundamental that will enhance to your own cooking skills.

You will also be taking home your very own apron, recipe booklet and a full belly! Hands-on classes make for a great experience, either solo or with friends, or to give as a great gift!

HandsOffClass2Hands-off Classes / Special Events

Our educational events showcase great food, great wines, with great culture and unique people!

From workshops about cheese and how it can be paired with wines, to special regional dinners presented by great chefs, or to learn from our sommelier about specific grapes and how the growing region can influence taste, there is a lot to choose from and lot to learn!

WineSeriesWine series

This is an interactive series of wasting and food pairing where a sensory aroma analyses is done for each wine (before the actual tasting), using our very special aromas kit representing the main 54 aromas found in wines. 

Amazingly educational!

Winemaker’s dinner – Guest speaker

This series is focusing on the men behind the labels. Our interactives dinners are hosted by winemakers from around the world who comes to share their unique stories, their passion and their understanding of this gift from mother nature.

“Vignerons greatest challenge is to do as little as possible, to get out of the way of the metaphysical, leaving the terroir to nurture and birth the fruit. They are merely akin to the midwife who facilitate the delivery”
Maximillian Potter 

KidsProgramKids Program

A hands-on approach that is fun, interesting and delicious for some of the younger chefs in the family.
Kids programs are available for ages 8-13 years of age, and length of the workshop may vary depending on the day and time of the year. Check program for details.

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Click the button below to view all the details of our courses. We keep our class sizes small, so register online to secure your spot. Visa, MasterCard and American Express are accepted. All pricing in Canadian dollars.

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